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“I consider HPC the experts in the realm of Hospital Based Physician Groups and related issues...Without hesitation I recommend HPC for such engagements.”

—William (Bill) Webster, CEO
Medical Center Hospital
Odessa, TX



Dr. Hellstern's article Popping Up Like Weeds was the #3 Article of 2015 on ACEP Now. Ron is on the EDBA faculty.
Performance Measurement & Improvement

Performance Benchmarking
United Regional Wichita Falls, Texas

System Challenges
United Regional’s emergency department was experiencing lengthy throughput times and poor patient satisfaction scores complicated by an EMR not specifically designed for the ED. Physicians and nurses were not communicating effectively and the independent physician group was struggling to recruit sufficient manpower. Something clearly needed to be done, but what and how?

Insight and Clarity
Robert Fielder and Dr. Hellstern, along with HPC’s nursing consultant, benchmarked all aspects of the ED’s performance from the EMR’s functionality to the way the providers were being paid; from the nursing leadership’s structure to the triage criteria. HPC's insights and perspective provided clarity about what wasn’t working in the department and that provided the foundation for change.

Action Plan
Plans for corrective action were formulated and implemented with the active input and participation of the physician group, ED nursing and staff, as well as hospital administration. With realistic, objectively measurable goals and timelines in place, HPC personnel provided direction and coaching until the team took the lead. Already the measurable results are improving.
In today’s healthcare market, hospital-based clinical services are being challenged to increase performance quality and efficiency. Status quo is not an option. But for for you and your colleagues, it’s hard to know where to turn for help, or what improvements to pursue.

Hospital Turnarounds
Hospital Practice Consultants (HPC) has a proven track record in hospital-based clinical service “turnarounds.” We understand that administrators are reacting to a variety of performance metrics, some only nominally impacted by the physicians. Providing you with objective and informed input on the broader market expectations can promote more productive engagement with administration and consensus among the group’s physicians essential to making the necessary changes.

Our performance benchmarking services will reveal strengths as well opportunities for improvement. The result is an action plan that will improve critical performance metrics while upgrading communication skills, group operations, and business management tactics.

Renewal vs Replacement
While preserving a long-term contractual relationship is almost always preferable to making a wholesale change, administrative patience isn’t inexhaustible. All hospital-based practices must continually improve to meet their client hospital’s needs. We deliver the roadmap for that change and the motivation to achieve it. With our help your hospital-based practice can reach the next level of performance quality and efficiency.

“Robert, Ron, and Sally confirmed our operational concerns and identified others in short order. It was especially helpful to know that our performance expectations weren’t unreasonable or our goals unattainable. We value our emergency physician group and knew that they were also frustrated that we weren't achieving the goals we had both established. I believe everyone from the ED unit clerks to the hospital board members are pleased with the plan of action HPC helped our physician group and department personnel create. We are well on our way to securing our targeted performance gains.”

—Phyllis Cowling, United Regional President & CEO